NYE @ Wala Wala

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Short talk: Still couldn’t where my photography senses are heading. On the other hand, moderate loss big win! That was how I ended this year’s Lunar Chinese New Year. Two partners in crime – my mom and I, double dragon. XD

It’s funny to see how I blog, it’s March already and yet I’m posting something about the New Year’s Eve celebration. Guess I needed a longer holiday than the current one week break.

New Year Eve's Survival Kit

We thought that Wala Wala wasn’t going to charge us cover charge. But we were wrong! Tracing back to our ancestors’ footsteps, we both decided to act like one and did what we thought was economical – sharing a bottle of wine.

Oh by the way, my accompaniment for the night was De Zien, the masked Zorro.

The Masked Zorro

Why Wala Wala on New Year’s Eve and why De Zien?

First of all, the train was so packed with foreigners that I nearly suffocated on the way to Wala Wala. Secondly, I didn’t want to be the “ah kua” bikini girl being groped by a bunch of banglas at Siloso Beach, Sentosa knowing that I’m a Kua as well but definitely not an “ah kua”. This is because I don’t ahhhhhhhhhhh… when I speak, period. Try talking to an “ah kua” and you will know what I’m trying to say.

The Crowd

Wala wala was first introduced to me by my cousin and later on, it became one of our (De Zien and I) favourite hangout spots. They have nice bands performing on Saturday nights and their drinks aren’t overpriced except during special occasions.


Nice rack flat bottom

During intermissions, we were too bored and decided to snap some photos to fill up our blog quotas beautify our blogs. Being singles(partially for me because she was away, ;P) for the night, we looked like a pair of gay couples with our gears hanging low on our necks. On top of that, we couldn’t resist ourselves from flashing consistently in such low light conditions.

Nowonder the girls refused to look at us. Le Sigh..


And so that was our New Year’s Eve celebration,

Auld Lang Syne

how was yours?

More tk.

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