Lushy tenderness

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Short Talk: Had an awesome seafood dinner before kick-starting exams! Damn, I’m hungry right now.

Spent the afternoon yesterday with her in a nice cosy place. MTV Teen Cribs, Ghost Rider and Simple Life. 😉

Lushy Tender Lips ;)

So far my best portrait shot of her or at least the bestest of her portraits. HEH xD

On the other hand, a friend posted this video on facebook at 3am and it made ponder abit about my life and my future.

Been throwing questions to myself:
What have you achieved so far?
What have you initiated?
What do you really want to do?

I’m turning 22 soon, there’s gotta be something that I can start right now and be proud of it in future.

More tk.

2 Responses to Lushy tenderness

  1. JacQ says:

    I had a great afternoon and night with you! 🙂 Don’t forget me snoring away hehe.
    Bestest portrait of me eh? Can consider baby, definitely one of the pack leaders! *I love you!*

    Baby, you’ve achieved A LOT in life, its just that for resume purposes you’re stuck. Don’t worry so much, I know you’re a really good man 🙂 and I’m always here for you. *big kisses* for EVERYTHING!

  2. rae says:

    been asking myself the same questions. lol. my answer to myself? Nothing much. sometimes i feel like im such a loser but oh well~~

    I think you’re doing just great right now. hehe

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