8th and counting.

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Yesterday was a day full of walking and eating. Both of us went to celebrate our 8th month into our relationship. Therefore, we decided to do something special – to eat and enjoy the whole day with each other’s company like how we always do. 🙂

First stop,
Donna Carmela
Pasir Panjang Road

Donna Carmela

I like the location of this restaurant as it gives out the authentic Italian ambience without the lil’ guy holding his schlong schlort.

As usual, all Italian restaurants serve bread with vinegar and oil condiments as pre-starters.

Bread and sticks

I would prefer my bread being served warm instead of cold. But no biggies as I enjoyed the other condiments served with the bread.

We ordered Melon with Pama Ham as starters so that I could break my Pama Ham tasting virginity.

Melon with Pama Ham

The melon was sweet and the ham was salty. Together, both their sweetness and saltiness fused together to create an orgasmic sensation in the mouth. You just couldn’t help yourself but to want more.

Then, came my main dish – Penne Alla Carbonara.

Penne Alla Carbonara

It tasted weird as they used scrambled eggs as their cream base. I would prefer something creamy into my mouth so that the sauce could run through my taste buds for a full bodied taste of delicious carbonara. Perhaps I should start cooking carbonara for myself instead.

Her main dish was Spaghetti Alla Dona Carmela.

Spaghetti Alla Dona Carmela

The tomato paste tasted generic like it was cooked with Heinz tomato sauce.

Overall rating: 5+1/10

+1 for the orgasmic Pama Ham starters.

Second stop,
Somerset 313

Brotzeit is definitely my favourite place for German beers. They have a wide range of German beer and they pull my all time favourite Paulaner from the draught machine.

0.3L Original Paulaner Lager

Their beer price is considered reasonable especially if you dine in before 5pm.

The 0.3L pint cost me SGD 6.10 excluding tax.

Overall rating: 8/10

Third stop,
The Muthu’s Flavors
Somerset 313

The Muthu's Flavors

Their main branch is located in Little India, but I prefer the service over here in Somerset 313. On top of that, they were having promotion for their signature fish curry.

Muthu's Signature Fish Curry

To enjoy this dish fully, you have to eat it with Muthu’s very own white rice platter.

Muthu's White Rice

*You can refill your rice upon request at no extra charges.

The rice texture is not too soft nor too hard. It’s fluffiness is just too perfect to mix with the hot fish curry gravy and once you put it into your mouth, it’s just pure bliss.

We ordered our all time favourite Mutton Curry as side dish,

Muthu's Mutton Curry

Honestly, I prefer their main branch’s mutton curry over this. The texture of the mutton from the main branch is much softer as compared to this.

We ordered Pepper Prawn as well to entitle ourselves to the 40% fish curry discount.

Muthu's Pepper Prawn

We didn’t really enjoy this dish as the taste was quite plain. However, we did enjoy the dining experience at Muthu’s Flavors.

Give the fish curry a try and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Overall rating: 8/10

More tk.

2 Responses to 8th and counting.

  1. Anthony says:

    nice photos, nice food.

    must be nice to be in yr2 too.

  2. admin says:

    Anthony: But I prefer not studying at all. 😛

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