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Short Talk: Firstly, internship has never been so tiring. Secondly, I am still amazed at my 400D in creating wonders. Thirdly, all the pictures below are directly from the CF card with no processing except for the portraiture shot.

A friend from the National Geographic merchandise store told us that a Thai restaurant in Vivocity that can beat the crap out of Thai Express. We then decided to spend our Sunday late afternoon at this Thai restaurant for our light dinner.


Yes, we are that crazy when it comes to yummylicious meals. Thai Accent is its name and trust me, Thai food has never tasted that good ever since I stepped foot into Singapore.

The interior of the restaurant gives out a cosy feeling. It makes us feel comfortable to dine in. And above all, it provides us with a wonderful view of the newly erected Resort World Sentosa.

Entrace, Thai Accent

Cosy Seats, Thai Accent

On top of that, the vibrant colours of the decorations soothes the eyes as we browse through the entire restaurant.

The Decorations, Thai Accent

Enough of the interior design, let’s showcase some of the food that the restaurant offers.

When being asked on the spiciness of the Tom Yum gong (Tom Yum prawn soup), both of us nonchalantly replied:”extra spicy”. Despite the warning from the waitress, I insisted on our request.

The bowl of soup looked like any other Tom Yum soup served in Thai restaurants.

Prawn Tom Yum Soup, Thai Accent

Little did I know, the “fire power” that was packed in this small bowl of soup was sufficient enough to pack a punch to my stomach. Fortunately, we managed to finish the entire bowl of Tom Yum gong at the end.

I’m a fan of Thai Green Curry, therefore, it is customary for me to order Green Curry Chicken whenever I visit a Thai restaurant.

Green Curry Chicken, Thai Accent

One word to describe this dish – awesome. Both of us liked it very much after taking the first bite of the chicken. The final bill came up to SGD 15 per person. The price is almost the same as Thai Express but the taste that Thai Accent delivers is definitely way better than its orange counterpart.

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  1. rae says:

    definitely going there!! I love thai food!

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