Tiger marks the beginning.

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Happy Lunar Chinese New Year to all of you!!

The Flying Dragon

After months of slacking and some considerations, I’ve decided to reactivate my blog. The moment I stopped blogging, I lost the motivation in taking photographs. Hence, I really hope that this blog will constantly push me to post photos and take good ones too!

Right before coming back to M’sia for the festive celebration, the folks back in NTU organized a CNY Reunion Dinner for the Malaysian students.

Things started off quite healthily with our very first Salad ‘yee sang’ of the year.

Salad "Yee Sang"

Last year this time, I was hosting the dinner and this year, I’m the audience enjoying my very first CNY celebration with a bunch of seniors.

In their senior year.

I have completed almost half of my degree and I’ll be graduating soon. Time flies eh. xD

There were quite a few performances right after dinner and the one that fascinated me the most was the ‘Diabolo’ act.


I wished I could juggle my balls that well too! Then, I can start performing for the tiger show in Thailand.

On a lighter note, I have a doggie in my room back in NTU. Well, the doggie belongs to her but she decided to put it in my room because I love doggies. Man’s best friend, what can I say about that? *shrugs*

Pluto says Hi!

Imma gonna start to teach him how to catch ma balls. hehe..

More tk.