Trip to KL

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It is my first time hosting friends from another country. Though they are from Singapore, but they did not experience KL as much as before.

Darell (on the left) and Kenneth (on the right) in pink robes.

We just came back from our short visit to Putrajaya. I have been bringing them around to savor varieties of good food available in KL and they have been complaining “full” all the time.

The Mosque, Putrajaya

I met both Kenneth and Darell during my internship at ExxonMobil. Although we were from different departments, but we share a common hobby – photography. They were the ones to be blamed who introduced me to film photography and I am liking it even more. One day, we decided to plan a trip to KL as our post-internship vacation and I promised to host them.

We will be heading back to Singapore in two days time and till then, more food to come! 🙂

Some random building at Putrajaya

3 Responses to Trip to KL

  1. Legend says:

    I spot a billingham.
    To enter the mosque, must wear pink robes?

  2. Jacq says:

    Wonderful! Perfect! Amazing!!! WOWWW! 😉
    btw first pic originally had the sun flares??

    Practice round hosting 😛 in 6 months you can host angmoh!

  3. admin says:

    Jacq: Hahahahah thanks!! Yeap added flares in the pic. Hahhaha hosting ang mohs eh.

    Legend: Yea that’s billingham hahahha pink robes are provided for those those who wear shorts. Ladies are required to wear the robe as it comes with a hood to cover the head. Quite majestic.

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